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A window is an opening in a wall, door, roof or vehicle that allows the passage of light, sound, and/or air.

What are the tips for Louver Window?

Update:20 Aug 2020

1. Check the finish Feel the smoothness of the blades a […]

1. Check the finish
Feel the smoothness of the blades and the wire frame with your hands. Good quality products are smooth and flat, without thorny hands.
2. Observe the color
The blades and all the accessories including the wire stand, the adjusting rod, the cable, and the small accessories on the adjusting rod must be kept in the same color.
3. Check the deformation resistance
After the blades are opened, the blades can be pressed down with hand force to make the stressed blades bend down, and then quickly let go. If the blades immediately return to the horizontal state without bending, the quality is qualified.
4. Test the automatic locking function
When the blades are all closed, pull the cable to roll up the blades. At this time, pull the cable to the right, the blade should be automatically locked and kept in the corresponding rolled state, and neither continue to roll up, nor loosen and slide down. Otherwise, there is a problem with the locking function
5. Open the curtains and test the opening and closing functions of the leaves
Turn the adjusting rod to open the blades. The blades should maintain good levelness, that is, the spacing between the blades is symmetrical, and the blades are kept straight without the feeling of bending up and down. When the leaves are closed, the leaves should coincide with each other, and there is no light leakage gap.