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A window is an opening in a wall, door, roof or vehicle that allows the passage of light, sound, and/or air.

How to maintain and maintain plastic steel doors and windows

Summary:1. The dust on doors and windows should be cleaned regularly to keep doors, windows, glass, and hardware clean and brigh...
1. The dust on doors and windows should be cleaned regularly to keep doors, windows, glass, and hardware clean and bright.
2. If the doors and windows are contaminated with oil stains and other difficult-to-clean things, you can use Jie Erliang to scrub, but it is best not to use strong acid or strong alkali solutions to clean, which will not only easily damage the surface finish of the profile, but also damage the protection of the surface of the hardware. The film and oxide layer cause the rust of the hardware.
3. The particles and other debris inside the frame should be cleaned up in time to avoid blocking the drainage channel and causing poor drainage and water leakage.
4. When opening doors and windows, the force should be moderate, and try to keep the speed even when opening and closing.
5. Try to avoid hitting doors and windows with hard objects or scratching the surface of the profile.
6. When it is found that the doors and windows are inflexible in opening or other abnormal conditions during use
When the door and window installation team of the assembly plant completed the installation of the doors and windows, due to the carelessness of the wall decorators, the filling foaming agent often appeared uneven in thickness or stuck on the plastic steel doors and windows. Sometimes, stubborn stains also exist.
At this point, we can:
A. Use a spatula to shovel the protruding part of the filling and smooth it with sandpaper.
B. If there is paint decoration, the shoveled area can be treated with paint of the same color.
C. Scrub the surface of the profile with water to remove general dust.
D. Dip white cotton yarn with ethyl acetate to scrub stubborn stains, and then scrub with water.
One of the advantages of plastic-steel doors and windows is that maintenance is basically unnecessary. However, considering that there are many plastic-steel door and window profiles that are improperly selected or have poor processing quality, it is recommended that users have better inspection and maintenance once every six months to a year.
Generally check the following five aspects:
A. Whether there are cracks in the welds of the door and window frames and sashes.
B. Whether the door and window sashes are obviously deformed, warped, or flat-opening fans sag.
C. Check whether the sealing strips and leather strips are shrunk, deformed, or have gaps.
D. Whether the hardware accessories are broken, damaged or tight.
E. Whether the drainage hole is unobstructed.