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A window is an opening in a wall, door, roof or vehicle that allows the passage of light, sound, and/or air.

How to install aluminum alloy shutters?

Summary:The installation of aluminum blind rails is very simple. Before installing the aluminum blind rail, check whether it is ...
The installation of aluminum blind rails is very simple. Before installing the aluminum blind rail, check whether it is straight. If it is bent, you need to straighten it and install it to make it straight and easy to use. Light-colored curtain boxes need to be installed with slide rails first, while dark-colored curtain boxes can be installed with slide rails first. The slide rail is divided into single rail, double rail and triple rail. When the window width is greater than 1.2m and the curtain is a single track, the middle should be broken, the broken end should be bent and phased, the curvature should be smooth, and the overlapping length should not be less than 200 mm

1. Install I-shaped curtain rails for aluminum blinds. The I-shaped curtain rails of the aluminum blinds are equipped with fixed claws matching it. When installing, first put the fixed claw on the artificial curtain frame, 3 curtain frames per meter. Aluminum blinds fixing claws should be installed horizontally on the wall or wooden frame of the curtain box and fixed with screws.

2. Aluminum alloy blind rail installation. For the installation of trough-shaped curtain rails, aluminum blinds can be drilled on the bottom surface of the trough-shaped rail with a 5.5mm drill bit. Then pass the aluminum louver through the small hole to fix the trough-shaped guide rail to the inner top surface of the aluminum louver shell. Of course.
Aluminum Sliding Window
3. Installation of round rod-shaped curtain track for aluminum blinds. The circular curtain rails are supported and fixed on both ends of the rod. Before fixing the aluminum blinds at both ends, the aluminum blinds hoisting rings must be placed on the rods.

4. Install aluminum blind hook. The method of creasing fabric curtains is to sew a special fabric strip on the top of the fabric curtain, and then aluminum blinds pass the four crease pins of the fold hook through the seams of the special fabric strip to make a folded curtain, and then use the fold The hook of the mark hook hangs the curtain from the pendant of the curtain rod.

5. Aluminium blinds are installed with fastening hooks. It is relatively simple to install with a clip hook. For aluminum blinds, you only need to tighten the upper edge of the curtain with a clip, and then use the hook part to hang the curtain on the hanging part of the curtain rail, or hang the hook on the curtain first. Hang part of the curtain, and then fix the curtain with a clip.