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A window is an opening in a wall, door, roof or vehicle that allows the passage of light, sound, and/or air.

How to properly maintain and maintain the glass curtain wall? (2)

Summary: Periodic inspection curtain wall1. During the warranty period, the supplier will organize regular inspections and retur...

Periodic inspection curtain wall
1. During the warranty period, the supplier will organize regular inspections and return visits, and find out the hidden quality problems in a timely manner.
2. Check the adhesive tape and glue injection at any time, and replace or repair in time if it is found to be off or damaged.
Most domestically used silicone rubber and imported silicone rubber, and must pass the compatibility test designated by the country before use.
Note that the repair must wait until fully cured (24h) before proceeding. When repairing, the damaged part must be cleaned up, and it should be longer than 2/3 length.
3. Use window cleaner to clean regularly.
4. Surface repair: repair paint for local damage or scratch.
Brown repair paint and white repair paint: BOSNY
5. Check
One is the surface inspection method: visually inspect the surface for damage. The second is the internal inspection method: check whether the glass is damaged, and replace it if it is found to be damaged. The connectors are regularly checked for corrosion and looseness. Whether the hardware has functional obstacles. Whether the rubber strip has fallen off or cracked, and whether the glue is defective. Check for damage to the site. Is there condensation on the glass?
Regular maintenance
1. Wash with solvent. Use solvents such as xylene, toluene, inorganic alcohol or ether to remove grease and glazing materials for cleaning and bleaching. Be careful not to use too strong solvents to avoid damage to the sealant that fixes the glass.
2. Normal cleaning and bleaching. The glass should be washed frequently, rinsed and wiped dry, especially during construction, soft, clean dust-free cloth and neutral soap, paint remover or slightly acidic cleaning solvent should be used. Rinse with clean water immediately after washing, then wipe off the remaining water with a clean rubber broom. Because fingerprints, oil stains, stains, dust, scum on the coated glass
, Residues of sealants, scratches and any surface scratches are more conspicuous than ordinary glass, so we should be extra careful when managing and cleaning coated glass. Therefore, the coated glass may require frequent cleaning during the entire project. Interlayer panels should always be used between the coated glass windows.
3. Surface damage. Contaminated by concrete, the alkali-containing or fluorine-containing substances sometimes released from concrete or building masonry during storms may stain or corrode the glass. The concrete structure in front of the window arch should be designed so that the dripping water will not drip Onto the glass. When making precast slabs and other concrete wall materials, they should be fully mixed to make them uniform hydrates and fully cured. The surface treatment of concrete (acid sandblasting, stone drilling, grouting, waterproofing materials, etc.) should be in It is finished before installing the glass, and the debris should be removed.