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A window is an opening in a wall, door, roof or vehicle that allows the passage of light, sound, and/or air.

What are the advantages of casement door compared to sliding doors?

Summary:Both the casement door and the sliding door are beneficial in the wardrobe, so when you customize the wardrobe, should y...
Both the casement door and the sliding door are beneficial in the wardrobe, so when you customize the wardrobe, should you choose the casement door or the sliding door?

1. Occupy indoor space
The sliding door is a method of translation transformation, which does not occupy the interior space. Even if the bed cabinet is placed close to the wardrobe, it will not harm the application of the wardrobe, and it is more suitable for bedrooms with a smaller total area.

The hinged door must be opened 90° outward, so the necessary indoor space is larger, and the door will not be opened when the wardrobe is close to the bed, so it is more suitable for a home with a slightly larger total bedroom area.

2. Airtightness
The hinged door wardrobe has good airtightness. It is closed and closed with the help of hardware such as hinges, and the degree of compliance between the cabinet door and the cabinet door is improved. clean up.

The two doors of the sliding door are separated, and there is a gap in the middle of the two cabinet doors. The waterproof performance will not be very good, and the ropeway area will be very easy to accumulate dust.

3. Price
Some people say that the wardrobe with sliding doors is more expensive, and the swing door is cost-effective. In fact, this is also relative. The key to whether it is expensive depends on the materials and hardware of the wardrobe.

Generally speaking, a wardrobe with a swing door is relatively more cost-effective than a sliding door.

4. Use period
Compared with sliding doors, swing door wardrobes are more durable. The sliding door opening and closing method is mainly the guide rail, and the swing door opening and closing method is the door hinge, and the guide rail is more prone to derailment and missing wheels. The hinges used for swing doors have a long history, and the processing technology is relatively complete, which means that the error rate will be low, so from this point of view, the service life of swing doors will be longer.

5. The depth and breadth of the switch door
The swing door can open multiple or all cabinet doors in addition, and open the doors on both sides to expose all the cabinet doors, which is more convenient to take enlarged items.

Compared with the swing door, the wardrobe with sliding door cannot open the cabinet door separately; if two doors are used, the opening and closing door is only half of the total area of ​​the side of the cabinet door, which is a little inconvenient when taking and placing items. Even if three doors are made, one third of the total area of ​​the hole is still blocked by the door, so you must push your hand over to find objects.

6. Appearance is the key
The advantages and disadvantages of sliding doors and swing doors are analyzed from various fields above. Obviously, the application of swing doors is strongly recommended on the basis of considering the specifications of swing doors.