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A window is an opening in a wall, door, roof or vehicle that allows the passage of light, sound, and/or air.

What are the anti-corrosion measures for aluminum alloy doors and windows?

Summary:Contemporary architectural glass can be roughly divided into: plastic windows, composite windows, and aluminum alloy win...
Contemporary architectural glass can be roughly divided into: plastic windows, composite windows, and aluminum alloy windows according to the types of aluminum profiles. Among them, aluminum alloy windows are the key architectural glass products in my country today, and they account for a very large proportion in today's engineering buildings. In fact, aluminum alloy windows have their advantages in terms of air pressure resistance, tightness, sealing and other characteristics or from the perspective of environmental protection. This is because the moment of inertia of the aluminum alloy window is 3-4 times that of the plastic window compared with the plastic window of the same cross-section; with the application of the aluminum profile interruption bridge aluminum profile, the thermal insulation and fire resistance performance of the aluminum alloy window is further improved. , which is very integrated into the environmental protection and energy saving regulations that are vigorously advocated today.

Aluminum alloy door and window hardware accessories are its key components, and its characteristics and quality are critical to the full play of windows and doors. Due to the continuous development trend of contemporary technology, window and door hardware accessories (door handles, guardrails, door hinges, guide rails, couplings, etc.) are also pouring into the sales market more and more. The appearance and tone of this commodity are varied and colorful, which greatly enhances the application and appearance of windows and doors. However, because the raw materials of the parts and the raw materials of the surface decoration design layer are different, their service life (the key refers to corrosion resistance, performance and compressive strength) is very different, even if the color is the same, and even the touch is similar. The difference of accessories can be many times or even dozens of times. In addition to considering that aluminum alloy door and window hardware must have sufficient impact toughness, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the raw materials used can maintain good corrosion resistance when they are in contact with aluminum alloy profiles. Whether the hardware of aluminum alloy doors and windows can meet the service life requirements of the design scheme is very important for the safety factor and performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows in the whole process of application. , Durable features.

1. Use suitable raw materials
1. Select raw materials with similar potential difference to aluminum alloy profiles
2. Zinc alloy material and proper surface treatment
3. Mostly use stainless steel plate

2. Carry out corresponding surface treatment
1. Electroplated metal safety protection layer
2. Non-metallic material safety protection layer
3. Use two layers of corrosion resistance

Today, with the rise of industries around the world, the damage of industrial production air to windows, doors and hardware has been very extensive. The selection of hardware materials and proper surface maintenance have been highly valued by professionals. In recent years, aluminum profiles have been improved in many aspects. For example, the surface electrostatic powder coating is used to ensure a variety of color tones on the surface of aluminum alloy profiles, which also promotes aluminum alloy doors and windows to create a variety of residential areas. It plays a leading role and expands the indoor space of application.