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A window is an opening in a wall, door, roof or vehicle that allows the passage of light, sound, and/or air.

Introduction of Aluminum Swing Door

Summary: A casement door refers to a door with hinges (hinge) installed on the side of the door, inward (left inward opening, ri...
A casement door refers to a door with hinges (hinge) installed on the side of the door, inward (left inward opening, right inward opening) or outward (left outward opening, right outward opening) door. It is composed of door cover, hinge, door leaf, lock, etc. The profiles and glass styles of aluminum alloy doors are divided into south and north. The north is characterized by its stable style and thick aluminum. The more representative one is the grid pattern, and the more characteristic of the grid is Tanger. In the south, flexible aluminum styles and diverse appearances are the primary characteristics. The more representative is the flower glass style. The more characteristic styles are lattice, ice sculpture, basal sculpture, crystal shell, etc.

The effect of swing doors
Aluminum side-hung doors are distinguished from other opening methods, because there are also doors that move open, turn up, roll up and down, straight up and down, and rotate. According to the different opening directions, side-hung doors are divided into one-way opening and two-way opening. One-way opening means that it can only open in one direction (it can only be opened in or pulled open). Two-way opening means that the door leaf can open in two directions (such as spring Gate). Swing doors are divided into single-swing doors and double-swing doors according to the number of doors. Single-swing doors mean that only one door panel is needed, while double-swing doors have two door panels. The aluminum alloy casement door has good sealing performance, ensuring the sound insulation effect. This also brings the weakness of lack of air circulation. In response to this situation, the manufacturer has developed a ventilator used when closing the window, which does not affect the sound insulation, but also ensures the exchange of air between the surface of the room. The ventilator can be installed between the window and the window line without occupying the space.
Aluminum alloy side-hung doors are a kind of anti-theft door that is in greater demand on the market. This type of swing door is a separate door or an entrance door, indicating that it is a door that distinguishes an indoor door from an outdoor door. Therefore, in addition to anti-theft, it also involves many aspects such as heat preservation, sound insulation, and beauty. Aluminum side-hung doors are divided into form: usually side-hung doors, door-in-doors, son-mother doors and composite doors. Usually aluminum alloy swing doors are single open closed doors. Aluminum alloy door-mother doors are usually suitable for homes with larger door frames, which ensure the convenience of daily income and expenditure, but also make it easier for large furniture to move in.