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A window is an opening in a wall, door, roof or vehicle that allows the passage of light, sound, and/or air.

Safety and reliability of rolling door

Summary:The rolling door is safe and reliable, and the operation is stable: due to the overall frame structure, to ensure the sa...
The rolling door is safe and reliable, and the operation is stable: due to the overall frame structure, to ensure the safety of the door bearing structure and the overall smooth operation; the automatic alarm device is sensitive, and any tool is used to illegally damage the body, and the alarm will be activated immediately.

Low noise, air tightness, high performance, beautiful, light-weight door; it occupies less top space and is easy to install; upgraded infrared sensing devices are installed on both sides of the door body, even if the door is forcibly opened, when people or objects enter the entrance, The infrared sensing device is activated immediately and continues to alarm. The operating system can be configured with key control, remote control, automatic operation and infrared safety protection system.
Surface treatment: The classic powder coating process has the advantages of durability, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, fading, and easy maintenance. The working principle of the elevator door: multiple movable doors are connected in series, fixed on the guide rail, and rotate in the center of the door and the rolling center. Curtain material: double, high strength, high toughness, corrosion resistance, aluminum alloy extrusion molding.

Rolling shutters are commonly used equipment in enterprises. It is suitable for commercial appearance, garages, shopping malls, hospitals, factories and mines, enterprises and other public places or houses. In particular, the opening function of the grounding door is more convenient and faster, and the installation is larger and more inconvenient.

The fire partition fire wall of the fire shutter door has the same function, which consists of the curtain plate, seat plate, guide rail, bearing, shaft, box body, control box, rolling door machine, stopper, door lintel, manual speed 13 part switch, button switch and safety device.

Steel fire shutters refer to shutters, steel guide rails, seat plates, lintels, boxes, and a shutter that can meet the requirements of fire resistance integrity.