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A window is an opening in a wall, door, roof or vehicle that allows the passage of light, sound, and/or air.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of folding doors and installation and maintenance

Summary: 1. Advantages Folding doors have the advantages of beautiful appearance, novel styles, and diverse designs.It is easy ...
1. Advantages
Folding doors have the advantages of beautiful appearance, novel styles, and diverse designs.
It is easy to use, push and pull freely, and effectively save the space occupied by the door.
Folding doors have chemical stability such as light weight, heat insulation, cold and heat insulation, moisture resistance, fire and flame retardant, noise reduction and sound insulation, acid and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance.
It does not stick to oily fume, is easy to clean, and is not easy to change color. It is suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and other occasions.
The installation is simple and fast, the service life is long, and the maintenance is convenient.

2. Disadvantages

The tightness is slightly worse.
Thermal insulation is slightly worse.
Parts such as pulleys and hinges are easy to wear and need to be equipped with high-quality accessories
3. Installation

①Confirm whether the length of the track is correct. If it is too long, use a saw to cut off the protruding part. Be careful not to let sawdust get into the track.
②Insert the folding door into the rail in the bundled state.
③Confirm the direction of the handle and the installation direction of the simple lock, and then install the rail. Screw on the screws in order from the center to the left and right. After installation, untie the rope that binds the folding door.
④ Install the iron absorption plate, align it with the position of the iron absorption stone on the folding door in advance, and then tighten the iron absorption plate with screws.

4. Maintenance

If there is dirt on the surface of the folding door, please use a neutral detergent, wipe off the dirt with a towel, etc., and then wipe it with wet hair (too dry). Please do not use organic solvents to prevent the surface of the folding door from fading. The folding door is easy to clean and take care of, not easy to get dirty, and dirt can be easily removed.
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