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A window is an opening in a wall, door, roof or vehicle that allows the passage of light, sound, and/or air.

What are the advantages of aluminum folding door and pvc bi-folding doors?

Summary: Aluminum Folding Door 1. Aluminum is not only an environmentally friendly metal, but it can also be recycled. 2. ...
Aluminum Folding Door
1. Aluminum is not only an environmentally friendly metal, but it can also be recycled.
2. Compared with other door aluminum alloy doors, it can provide a variety of colors and design options.
3. The combination of high-quality aluminum and glass makes these doors a perfect combination of insulation products, helping to maintain a constant room temperature under different atmospheric conditions. In summer, these doors will not let cool air out of your room, and vice versa.
4. The sliding windows of these doors help provide extra space.
PVC Bi-folding Door
The pvc bi-folding door refers to the folding door made with pvc as the main material. The folding door made with pvc as the main raw material also has many advantages of pvc alkali corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and wear resistance, and it is made of pvc Another important point of the finished folding door is its low price. Compared with folding doors made of other materials, it can save a lot of budget costs. pvc bi-folding door with general materials are usually not a problem if they are used for five years. If you use better quality pvc, you should be careful when you use them, that is, you can use them for ten years. The number of years is not fixed.
1. The pvc bi-folding door has excellent decorative effect, its surface gloss is relatively good, the proportion of frame glass is small, it has a modern sense in exterior light, and it looks very beautiful and generous.

2. Superior performance. The material has high resistance to wind pressure, air penetration, and rainwater leakage. The materials used are heat-insulating profiles and hollow glass, which have a good energy-saving effect.

3. Light weight and durable. The density of aluminum profile is 1/3 of that of steel. Its quality is very light. After the surface treatment of aluminum profile, it has good resistance to atmospheric corrosion, not afraid of moisture, not afraid of sunlight, and has a service life long.

4. The processing technology is simple and environmentally friendly. During processing, it can be processed into large sizes and complex cross-sectional shapes with high dimensional accuracy. Scrap aluminum is easy to recycle and has a relatively high utilization rate.

5. Save space. This is the most significant advantage of pvc folding doors. It is suitable for places with relatively small spaces and saves space.
After installing these doors, there is no need to look after and regular maintenance, which means a lot of time and money can be saved; compared with wooden doors, they have different colors and shapes, so according to the interior decoration of the room, there can be more variety select.