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A window is an opening in a wall, door, roof or vehicle that allows the passage of light, sound, and/or air.

What are the components and classifications of folding doors?

Summary: 1. Components Folding doors are mainly composed of door frames, door leaves, transmission parts, rotating arm parts, tr...
1. Components

Folding doors are mainly composed of door frames, door leaves, transmission parts, rotating arm parts, transmission rods, and orientation devices. This door type can be installed indoors and outdoors. Each door has four door leaves, two side door leaves and two middle door leaves. The side frame of the side door leaf and the middle door leaf are connected by a hinge,The upper and lower ends of the side door leaf and the other side door stile are respectively equipped with up and down rotating shafts.
The rotating shafts are connected with the upper and lower rotating shaft seats of the door frame on both sides of the door. , When it is electric, the upper shaft end is installed with the rotating arm part and the transmission part, the transmission part and the door opener are installed in the middle of the upper part of the door frame; the middle door leaf is equipped with a directional device.
After the door opener is running, the two gears of each part of the transmission part are driven to rotate, and the two racks geared with it make linear motion. The other end of the rack is connected with the rotating arm, and the rotating arm makes a circular motion, and the side door frame is around one side stile. Rotate and open the door leaf electrically. The tight seams of the two middle door leaves are equipped with safety protection devices, which will return to the fully open state when there is an obstacle when closed, which is safe and reliable. The doorway has a width of 3000-4800mm and a height of 3000-4800mm. There are 26 specifications, both of which are electric and manual.

2. Classification

According to different styles, there are two types of folding doors: side-hanging folding doors and sliding folding doors. Folding doors are multiple folds, which can be moved to the side, occupying less space.

According to the ease of installation, folding doors are divided into simple folding doors and complex folding doors. Simple folding doors are the same as flat doors, except that the hinges for connecting folding door leaves are specially made. When installing a complex folding door, the upper and lower rails of the door use rotating hardware accessories.

According to different usage methods, folding doors can be divided into manual folding doors, electric (traditional) folding doors, and electric (dual models) folding doors. Can be purchased according to the needs of use.

According to regional characteristics, folding door styles are divided into north and south. The North is characterized by its calm style. The most representative one is the grid style, and the most distinctive one is Tanger. The South is mainly characterized by styles, and the most representative is the flower glass style. The more distinctive styles include grate, ice sculpture, basal sculpture, crystal shell, etc.
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