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A window is an opening in a wall, door, roof or vehicle that allows the passage of light, sound, and/or air.

What are the tips for repairing blinds? (1)

Update:15 Sep 2020

Compared with curtains, shutters have flexible adjustab […]

Compared with curtains, shutters have flexible adjustable blades with functions that curtains lack. In terms of sunshade, in addition to resisting ultraviolet radiation, the blinds can also adjust the indoor light; in terms of ventilation, the fixed installation and thick texture of the blinds can comfortably enjoy the cool breeze without other concerns.
1. Remove the cylindrical pin from the metal cap at one end of the roller. Use medium-sized sandpaper to grind off this end of the roller. If the curtains are clamped too tightly, further adjustments may be needed. If the window frame is installed outside the window frame, you can gently remove one of the window frames and fill the old screw holes with wood plastic. If the window frame is installed inside the window frame, in order to make the curtain fit the window frame, the curtain needs to be cut short by professional methods or replaced with a new one.
2. The curtain was strangled because it was too close to the window frame and clamped the curtain. If the window frame is installed on the wall or outside the window frame, repairing is easy. Use a hammer to gently tap the window frame outward. This method may also be suitable for the window frame installed inside the window frame. If the curtain is still clamped, remove it. Some wood needs to be removed from the roller.
3. If the curtain cannot be rolled up and down smoothly, there may be a problem with the roller. The curtain is operated by a powerful coil spring placed in one end of the roller. The pin installed at one end of the roller to hold the curtain is flat; when the curtain is rolled up or down, the flat pin will tighten or loosen the spring.
4. At the flat pin end of the roller, the spring is controlled by a ratchet device. When the curtain is released, the ratchet device stops the spring. If the curtain is too tight or too loose, or when it is released, it does not stay in its original position, usually because of a problem with the spring or ratchet device. Unless the spring is broken, this failure is easy to repair.