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A window is an opening in a wall, door, roof or vehicle that allows the passage of light, sound, and/or air.

What should be considered when cleaning blinds?

Update:08 Sep 2020

Blinds are generally relatively wide, and are generally […]

Blinds are generally relatively wide, and are generally used for indoor and outdoor shading and ventilation. The shutter curtain wall that more and more people agree with also evolved from the shutter. The shutter curtain wall has many functions and advantages, and it is very beautiful. It is generally used in high-rise buildings.
What to consider when cleaning blinds
For blinds that are used for a long time, the accumulation of dust will affect their aesthetics, so they need to be cleaned with detergent: bring an appropriate amount of detergent into a sufficiently large washing tank, and then put the curtain in it, and then wait for the dust and stains to dissolve , Then rinse with clean water, and then dry the leaves.
Prepare the washing liquid first, then put on rubber gloves and cloth gloves, soak the washing liquid with your hands and wipe it off. After the dust on each leaf surface is wiped clean, wipe it with clean water washing liquid, and then wipe it with dry gloves Just do it.
For blinds hanging on balconies, living rooms and rooms, dust is a pollutant that is easy to stick to. Therefore, in daily maintenance, you only need to use a feather duster to remove dust frequently.
Because the shutters are often exposed to sunlight, if the detergent is not cleaned up during cleaning, it is easy to cause pollution.
Pull lines and sliding parts are easily damaged parts of blinds, so pay attention to them when using and cleaning.
Aluminium Single Louver Window can generally be cleaned with dishwashing detergent to prevent damage to the material and paint.