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A window is an opening in a wall, door, roof or vehicle that allows the passage of light, sound, and/or air.

How are rolling shutter doors classified?

Summary:1. Introduction of rolling shutter doorRolling shutter doors, that is, rolling shutter doors, are connected in series wi...
1. Introduction of rolling shutter door
Rolling shutter doors, that is, rolling shutter doors, are connected in series with multi-joint movable door pieces. In a fixed slideway, the upper and lower doors are rotated around the reel above the door. The rolling shutter door has the same function as the wall and plays a horizontal separation. It consists of a curtain plate, a seat plate, a guide rail, a support, a reel, a box, a control box, a rolling door machine, a limiter, a door lintel, a manual quick release switch device, and a button switch. It is composed of 13 parts such as safety devices and safety devices, and is generally installed in places where it is inconvenient to use walls to separate.

2. Classification of rolling shutter doors
1. According to the opening situation:
It is divided into manual rolling shutter door and electric rolling shutter door. The manual rolling shutter door mainly relies on the balance force of the torsion spring on the central axis of the rolling shutter to complete the door opening and closing; The motor stops automatically when the upper and lower limit positions are set.

2. According to the manufacturing material:
There are many kinds of materials for manufacturing rolling shutter doors, so rolling shutter doors can be divided into: inorganic cloth rolling shutter doors, mesh rolling shutter doors, aluminum alloy rolling shutter doors, crystal rolling shutter doors, stainless steel rolling shutter doors, color steel rolling shutter doors, and wind-resistant rolling shutter doors according to the material of the door.

3. According to the installation method:
Rolling shutter doors can be divided into two types according to their installation methods: in the wall and on the side of the wall (or inside the hole and outside the hole).

3. Rolling shutter doors are popular with the public mainly because:
1. It is an anti-push-up device to prevent forced means to pry the door body and play a role in security and anti-theft;
2. According to the different characteristics of the building, three different installation methods of interior decoration, exterior decoration and middle decoration can be selected, and the appearance is beautiful and fashionable.