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A window is an opening in a wall, door, roof or vehicle that allows the passage of light, sound, and/or air.

What is the function and classification of fire shutter doors?

Summary:Fire roller blind door is a kind of fire prevention and heat insulation facilities suitable for large openings in buildi...
Fire roller blind door is a kind of fire prevention and heat insulation facilities suitable for large openings in buildings. The product plays a certain role in the design and installation of technology. Fire shutter doors are widely used in fire partition areas of industrial and civil buildings, which can effectively prevent the spread of fire and ensure the safety of life and property. They are indispensable fire protection facilities in modern buildings. But fire shutters have other uses too, and you want to know?

Fire shutter door introduction
Nowadays, many large places generally use fire shutter doors, and why is this? In fact, in many public places, they generally leave large door openings for people to enter and exit, and in order to take fire protection measures, fire shutter doors are a good choice. The fire shutter door can enlarge a large amount of fire and heat insulation, prevent the fire from running around, and can well protect the safety of people's lives and property. It is an indispensable fire prevention measure in modern buildings.

Fire shutter door
When it comes to the role of fire shutter doors, what conclusion will you give! In fact, fire shutter doors, just as their name, are fireproof and prevent the spread and spread of fire. In fact, the fire prevention method of fire shutter door is horizontal fire prevention, which isolates the passionate flame in a certain space, and the fire shutter door is composed of curtain plates, seat plates, supports, scrolls, boxes and other structures, so its installation location is generally fireproof. Measures divided parts!

Fire shutter door classification
Among them, it can be classified according to the material, including steel fire shutter doors, composite fire shutter doors, inorganic fire shutter doors, etc., and according to the installation method, there are two kinds of fire shutter doors, such as the wall and the wall side, if they are classified according to the opening direction, there are above Roll-up and side-roll fire doors Roller shutters.