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A window is an opening in a wall, door, roof or vehicle that allows the passage of light, sound, and/or air.

How to avoid the bending of wood chips during the processing of shutters?

Summary:The bending of wood chips during the processing of shutters should be avoided from the following aspects:①Improve the dr...
The bending of wood chips during the processing of shutters should be avoided from the following aspects:
①Improve the drying process of the board and eliminate the internal stress. At the same time, there should be enough equilibrium curing time for the dried board, so that the dried board can eliminate the internal moisture content gradient and internal stress under suitable conditions.

②Before slicing, bend and straighten the already bent wood to prevent the sawing wood from bending. According to the different direction and degree of bending of the standard wood, it can be flattened and straightened;

③According to the size and specification of the finished wood chips, determine the thickness of the board, formulate a reasonable material manufacturing process, determine the correct direction of the specification material, and try to prevent the wood chips from bending sideways. Because once the side bend occurs, it is difficult to correct it.

④ Pay attention to the storage method of the wood chips. Be sure to place the wood chips on a smooth flat plate, especially do not use the pads with too large spacing to stack them for a long time. If the wood chips are placed on their sides, they should be clamped on both sides with smooth flat plates.

⑤Before applying UV paint on the roller, the temperature of the hot pressing roller for rolling the wood chips should be appropriate. The temperature should be kept as low as possible while ensuring a good surface finish.

⑥ Adjust the technical parameters of UV paint roller coating, and minimize the influence of the heat generated by UV lamps on the wood chips while ensuring the surface finishing effect of the wood chips. For example, replace the aging UV lamps in time, increase the exhaust volume of the induced air, and discharge the heat generated by the UV lamps in time.

⑦Change the wood chip UV paint finishing process. Change the traditional painting one side first, and then paint the other side, it is best to apply Uv paint on both sides at the same time. The hot pressing roller before the UV paint was changed to roll the wood chips on one side and roll the wood chips on both sides at the same time.