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A window is an opening in a wall, door, roof or vehicle that allows the passage of light, sound, and/or air.

What are the benefits of using glass curtain walls?

Summary: (1) Adjust the lighting of buildings.The lightness of the building is the main factor that affects the overall living s...

(1) Adjust the lighting of buildings.
The lightness of the building is the main factor that affects the overall living satisfaction of the residents. It is used in the design stage of civil houses to adjust the overall visual perception of the house, make the dark parts bright, and make the sunlight dazzle soft. It can make residents feel more comfortable and full of vitality. Used in commercial building design, it can change the overall atmosphere of the building and make people feel bright and comfortable. Therefore, in the design process, the designer should be aware of the practical significance of the main application of the glass curtain wall. Whether in civil or commercial building design, the glass curtain wall elements should be actively used to improve the transparency of the building. But it should be noted that the choice of glass type. The experience of the building's sunny side is completely different from that of the sun side. The sun side is generally lack of light, and the sun side is prone to over-illumination. Therefore, in the design process, it should pay attention to the use of glass curtain walls to adjust the building's lighting. For the shaded surface of the building, a transparent glass curtain wall can be used to concentrate the lighting. For the sunny side of the building, brown glass can be used to ease the visual effect. Under the characteristics of the new era, more advanced color-changing glass can be used on both the negative side and the positive side. Since this type of glass automatically changes color according to the degree of light radiation, it is quite suitable for glass materials for glass curtain walls.
(2) To meet the needs of building ventilation.
Ventilation has a great influence on the overall natural environment of the building. Improperly ventilated buildings will make people feel uncomfortable and impervious, especially in the gradually warming natural environment, the ventilated glass design can give a refreshing experience in physiology and vision. In order to ensure the practical significance of the ventilation of the glass curtain wall, the designer can adopt an openable and closable design for the partial glass curtain wall, which can be closed into a closed space in rainy weather, and can be opened in sunny weather, so that the outside air and wind energy can be more Good penetration, this can create a healthier and fresher building space, especially in the design process of commercial buildings, this glass curtain wall can also be used to create an outdoor activity area for various types of events Provide a more open space.
(3) Expand your horizons.
A wide field of vision is a major requirement for commercial spaces and civil buildings. From this, the more space is insufficient, the stronger the sense of restraint in space and the lower the satisfaction of people. Therefore, in the design process, the designer should flexibly use the permeability characteristics of the glass curtain wall to expand the vision of the architectural space. Incorporating glass curtain walls into the design of civil buildings, even small units, can make residents feel that the house is unconstrained and not crowded after living. Observing the outside space through the glass curtain wall can also have a wider view.
At present, the glass curtain wall in the design process of commercial spaces and civil buildings is its common element, which is highly sought after by relevant practitioners, mainly because it has a greater relationship with its permeability and reflectivity. Reasonable use can make the building look and feel more Refreshing, more breathable, and can enhance the overall lighting of the building. But at present, relevant professionals should also further increase the rigidity and service life of the glass curtain wall materials, which can play the role of the glass curtain wall, thereby enhancing the overall quality of the building.