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A window is an opening in a wall, door, roof or vehicle that allows the passage of light, sound, and/or air.

What is the difference between a casement window and a sliding window?

Summary: 1. Style matching:In fact, these two types of windows have different styles of architectural collocation. The three-dim...

1. Style matching:
In fact, these two types of windows have different styles of architectural collocation. The three-dimensional lines of the casement windows are smooth. The sash that can be opened only occupies the whole window, which can ensure the tightness of the building. High-end buildings with high lighting and smooth appearance; sliding windows are horizontally sliding, so they are more suitable for factory buildings and idyllic family buildings.
2. Performance difference:
The performance requirements that people consider when choosing doors and windows are often wind resistance, water tightness, and air tightness. In these performances, casement windows are better than sliding windows, so in general high-end buildings, flat windows There are many applications for opening windows.
3. The appearance is different:
The difference between the casement window and the sliding window is mainly in the match with the overall style of the building. Because of its flexibility, the casement window can make any line of the facade effect, and for the large-divided floor-to-ceiling windows In general, the opening fan only occupies a small part of the entire window, so it is more suitable for high-end real estate with strict requirements on the overall effect of the building. Sliding windows can only be pushed horizontally, so it is difficult to match large fixed glass, and they are generally suitable for open factories or rural family buildings with clear horizontal and vertical lines.
4. Warming effect:
In terms of thermal insulation performance, casement windows on the market are generally sealed with sealing strips, while sliding windows are generally sealed with wool strips. The sealing effect of the strips is generally better than that of wool strips. The opening fan parts of the casement window are often sealed with two-point locks or world locks for better sealing effect. The sliding window is generally locked by hook lock or bump lock, and its sealing effect is not ideal.
5. Price:
In terms of price, the casement window is higher than the sliding window. The price range of ordinary aluminum alloy casement windows is 200 yuan to 350 yuan per square meter, mid-range is 450 yuan to 600 yuan, and high-end is 800 yuan per square meter. Ordinary sliding windows start at a lower price, only 150 to 300 yuan, mid-range, 350 to 500 yuan, high-end sliding windows cost 600 yuan per square meter.
6. On the user experience:
Although the sliding window has a gap in performance from the casement window, it is flexible and convenient to use. Many users choose the sliding window because of its simple opening.