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A window is an opening in a wall, door, roof or vehicle that allows the passage of light, sound, and/or air.

Why install Aluminum Sliding Door? (1)

Summary: A casement window is a window that opens in a horizontal manner and moves horizontally when opened. Casement windows ar...

A casement window is a window that opens in a horizontal manner and moves horizontally when opened. Casement windows are widely used in office buildings, high-end residences and other places due to their superior performance. Casement windows have various styles, beautiful shapes, and great separation flexibility. It is used to open the large-divided floor-to-ceiling windows with small area occupied by the fan, which can achieve the effects of air circulation, good permeability and smooth lines. With these points, aluminum alloy casement windows strongly crush other windows. Aluminum alloy is the main material of doors and windows, and the aluminum alloy windows made therefrom have a great advantage in the market. Swing type is the main method of opening aluminum alloy windows. Aluminum alloy casement windows are practical and their appearance is also beautiful.
1. Broken bridge aluminum has good thermal insulation. It adopts the soft combination of the inner and outer frames of the heat insulation profile, and the frame adopts a three-seal form of a rubber strip and double wool strips, which is tightly closed, air-tight and water-tight performance is excellent, and the thermal insulation performance is superior; the sash adopts a hollow glass structure to make the window truly show sound insulation , Heat insulation, heat preservation, excellent function.
2. Various opening methods. What I'm talking about more now is the windows that hang up and down, and are also widely used. They not only have a full sense of high-end, but also a full sense of security.
Aluminum waterproof function of broken bridge. The structured drainage system is designed using the principle of pressure balance, the slope is designed in a stepped manner, and the drainage port is provided to ensure smooth drainage and good water tightness. Broken bridge Aluminum Sliding Door usually use sealant strips to complete the multi-seal design. The opening parts have a good sealing effect, and casement windows have better watertightness.
3. Decent and beautiful. Perhaps compared to sliding windows, the advantages of Aluminum Sliding Door will occupy a relatively large amount of space. If you choose to open outwards, there will be no such troubles. Everyone chooses a casement window, with a wood frame that is generous and suitable for their own color, and you can also choose two colors inside and outside, and the high-end sense comes out naturally.